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The price of going uninsured could cost you everything

The number one cause of personal bankruptcy continues to be medical bills. The two worst types of health insurance policies are: the one you wish you had but don’t and the one you can’t afford to keep.

The cost of medical care is sky-high in America and and as a result the cost of health insurance is also sky-high. Everyone likes to play the blame game with this topic, but at the end of the day the everyone collectively is to blame for the current medical climate. The only thing that is going to change this situation is you the consumer. You need to know what options are available to you and how much risk you can financially bare.

We’re here to help find affordable solutions

We serve a large segment of the population from individuals to small group employers. From Medicare to medical sharing plans we’re here to help you find the solution(s) that fits your needs and budget the best. The Health Insurance market is continuously changing and becoming more and more complex, but our mission doesn’t change. We’re here to help you make sense of the complexities of the health insurance market and help you find a solution that provide you the coverage you need at the best possible cost. You may ask yourself “How can we do this?” Since rates are standardized and many agents and websites have access the exact same coverage at the exact same price.

Consider the scalpel, in the hands of a skilled surgeon it can bring healing and relief, but in the hands of an amateur it could bring injury or death. The scalpel doesn’t change it’s the knowledge of the person using it that changes. Likewise, anyone can purchase insurance but the guidance of a trained profession could mean the difference between peace of mind and a costly mistake.

What does it cost to use our services?

In most states there are no broker fees. This means the cost of your coverage is the same whether purchasing directly from the carrier or from a broker. How can this be you ask? The healthinsurance companies we represent pay a commission to the agent for the business they bring them. Does this mean that insurance agents contribute to the overall cost of the insurance? No not at all, in fact they typically save the insurance company money! Think about the millions spent on advertising, websites, and customer service. According to Geico topped the chart at $1.396 BILLION in 2017! Since an agent’s greatest asset is their reputation we tend to go the extra mile for our clients. Not only are agents a very effective marketing strategy for the insurance company, but we also absorb some of the customer service for the company.

Couldn’t the recommendations be biased?

Well, that depends on what type of agent you’re dealing with! A captive agent only represents one insurance company, so the likelihood of having a biased recommendation goes way up. Just because an agent is independent doesn’t mean you are going to get better advice either, but it is less likely to be biased.

At Cunningham Insurance we are building a legacy one client at a time. We know your word of mouth is not only the best form of advertising it’s also the most affordable. However, it still comes at a cost, it can mean working odd hours or telling a client they may be better to purchase from a company we don’t represent. Here at Cunningham Insurance we live the words ” Do unto other as you would have done unto you” and it always pays us dividends in the end.

Five reasons to purchase your health coverage from Cunningham Insurance

1) We Guarantee the lowest priced health coverage allowed by law.

  • Prices are regulated so no one (including insurance providers) can offer plans for less than Cunningham Insurance

2) We provide easy-to-use online tools

  • Request a quote and communicate via email
  • Educational information at your fingertips
  • Simple online and phone applications

3) We offer free agent support before, during and after your plan enrollment

  • We help you select the right plan for your budget
  • We guide you in signing up for a plan, by the method your most comfortable with.
  • We continue to be your agent long after the enrollment so you’ll have an independent and trusted voice to explain your coverage.

4) We never charge you for our service

  • All services at Cunningham Insurance are free. If we help you sign up, we receive a commission from the insurance provider. This commission will never come out of your monthly premium or be charged to you.

5) You will be supporting a family owned and operated business

  • You will never be a number in the crowd with us
  • We truly appreciate your business

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